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oskar jeroen home enWelcome to the website of Gietema Wevers notarissen. We are a professional law firm consisting of two civil law notaries, three candidate civil law notaries, two notarial lawyers and several other associates.

As notarial lawyers, we have exclusive powers for a variety of matters, including the incorporation of companies, the transfer and encumbrance of real estate, the transfer and issue of shares, amendments to articles of association and legal mergers. We also provide advisory services for a variety of matters in the field of Dutch corporate law and real estate law. Finally, we are active in mergers and acquisitions, joint-ventures, and investments and divestments, playing an active role in negotiations and drafting various agreements corporate law.

We work exclusively for business enterprises and only engage in corporate law and real estate law, aiming for long-term relationships with our clients. Communication with foreign parties generally takes place in English and documentation can always be drafted accordingly. Our fees can be characterised as client-friendly, due in part to the low overhead costs associated with the size of our firm.

For more information regarding our firm, please do not hesitate to contact us at +31 55 5782 222.